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What we do

At Emerald Architects we pride ourselves in taking on most projects at any stage. The art of architecture is having a talent to design buildings and spaces and the courage to take on the challenge to build them and make a difference. Over the years, we have developed experience in a wide variety of projects in various workplaces around the world and if we have not had experience in a particular field, but a client wishes to use our services, then it’s back to the books and research to find the latest design solutions and technology to deliver the particular project. The beauty about being an Architects is we ‘should’ be able to design most things……!     

Every project is unique and different, and that is how we design and build a project; suited to the needs of the client, users, programme and budget. We start with the blank sheet of paper and a pen, the rest is up to you…..

What we do - Emerald Architects