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Social Responsibility

We are real...

Here at Emerald Architects, we are ‘real people’ and have embarked on our own building project in which we have set ourselves 3 years to turn an old derelict market garden into our multi-generational home and architectural studios.

Often people are daunted at the prospect of embarking on projects albeit large or small - as it can be out of their comfort zone. We are going to share our journey to show from start to finish (if we ever get there!) that it is possible for anyone. We do not have the money to do everything in one go like most people, so it is going to be done bit by bit. We will show you the highs and lows, the fun and laughter, the blisters and the hard work but most of all our adventure – in the hope that it may inspire you to ‘take that leap of faith and enjoy the journey’

Consultation Clinics…

Yes the initial consultation is always free! We feel it is so important to demonstrate why it is good to use an Architect for any project large or small; from house extensions to mixed use delopments. At Emerald Architects, we are happy to meet with you and give advice on ideas, potential projects and talk you through the process from concept to completion. Hopefully then you will feel a bit more confident about embarking on a project and understanding how it all comes together from initial ideas to creating your dream.  Whether it is a parcel of land, an old building, a new building, a mix of buildings, we are here to help…..  

Pay it forward…

Emerald Architects is passionate about ‘paying it forward and making a difference’. Siobhan is a keen advocate for supporting our next generation to get involved in the construction industry. As well as running her own Architectural Practice she is involved with The National Association of Women in Construction (NAWIC) as National Chair, sits on the North East Regional Committee for both the Construction Industry Council (CIC) and the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) and supports regional events alongside CENE, CIOB, and other bodies providing mentoring, lectures, advice and guidance. Siobhan has also been a judge for Women in Construction Awards for the last 3 years and the Building and Engineering Awards for the last 2 years.

Over the years Siobhan has worked with Schools, Colleges and Universities to try and educate students about the positives of careers in the Construction Industry in the hope to inspire and attract the next generation into a fun and diverse career choice.

Social Responsibility - Emerald Architects