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The big picture...

These can vary significantly depending on what the project entails. Costs may include various consultant fees such as Architects, Engineers, Quantity Surveyors, CDM and other specialist consultants, and then there are Local Authority Fees on top of this for Planning and Building Regulation Submissions. These fees are all prior to commencing work on site. 

Not all projects will require a Planning Application as they may fall under permitted development rights and some projects don’t need Building regulation Application but this is rare.

So when looking at the big picture of costs prior to commencement these are the questions to consider to help give a guide on costs;

-          Does it need Planning?

-          Does it need any specialist surveys such as Asbestos, Tree Reports, Flood Risk Assessments, Ecological assessments etc?

-          Does it require a Building Regulation Application?

-          What Consultants to I need to appoint? And at what stage?

As a rough guide on costs

-          Householder Planning Application Fees to the Local Authority are approximately £172.00

-          All other Buildings / Projects are usually based on a price per sq.m or site size.

-          Building Regulation costs vary on the projects but there are two fees; a plan assessment fee which is paid when the application is made and then Inspection charges that cover the cost of site inspections by Building Control.  

-          Consultant fees vary between discipline and companies.

Emerald Architects Fees

-          Fees for House Extensions, Remodelling and Attic Conversions usually start from £500 which includes an initial survey and drawings suitable for a Planning Application depending on size and complexity. This can vary depending if it is remodelling or extensions and what is required. A ‘bespoke’ house would be more. Building Regulation Packages usually start from £350 but one again depends on size and complexity

-          Fees for commercial projects usually start from £1000 which includes a feasibility study and report illustrating up to 3No options and the final frozen design. This can vary depending on size of scheme and complexity. Projects are then assessed if a fixed fee can be applied up to a Planning Application. After Planning, the fees are then based on a Construction Cost Percentage. These can vary between 3% to 7.5% depending on value. The higher the value the lower the fee.